VidMate – Download VidMate APK for Android 2021

Vidmate App for Android – Download Vidmate APK

Vidmate app for Android is officially available for smartphone and tablet devices. You can download Vidmate app APK for Android and install it on your device.

The innovation in smartphones and gadgets have changed the meaning of phone usage. Now your smartphone is not just a calling or reminder device, but a fully-fledged computer system, or even superior. It is not going to stop anyway.

Vidmate turns your boring smartphone into an entertainment station. Internet is fragile, and keep connected to internet is not always a cool option.

YouTube has opened the gate of unstoppable video entertainment. We all like to check and watch our favorite music, documentary, biography, tutorials and other stuff on YouTube. But it requires an internet connection, either via data or WiFi, which is not available all times and everywhere.

What about the idea of downloading YouTube videos and save in your phone gallery? What if all your favorite videos could be saved in your phone storage? There is no fun watching your favorite movie online in your home or a place where internet is not working well. Just imagine downloading your favorite movies in phone storage and watch them when you are offline? Sounds nice, indeed. But how to do this?

Have you ever tried to download a video from YouTube? If you have searched the ways to save YouTube video to gallery, you probably might have been misled by bunch of fake apps, online video downloaders and other crap.

If you don’t believe the power of Vidmate, then keep trying each and every single app to get YouTube videos saved in gallery, you will be disappointed, unless you try Vidmate app.

What is Vidmate app APK?

Vidmate is the storm of entertainment. It is one stop media for your pleasure. The moment you download Vidmate APK to your Android device and install it, you open the gateway to entertainment.

You can download movies, music, tutorials, recipes and any video from YouTube and save in device gallery. You can sort your favorite video files in folders and create local playlists.

When you save a video file, you can share it with your friends and family, without internet. You can use Bluetooth, WiFi-Direct, ShareIt, Zapya, Xender or any file transfer mode.

Why download Vidmate APK?

You will essentially need Vidmate app APK file in order to save online videos to phone storage. Here are top reasons why you should choose this best video download app for Android:

  • Easy to use
  • Easier to install
  • Small file size
  • Easy setup
  • Powerful download engine
  • Built-in browser
  • Pre-made categories (music, movies, games, etc).
  • Blazing fast download speed
  • HD video download resolution (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p)
  • Download YouTube video to mp3 and m4a
  • It is FREE for unlimited time with unlimited features.

What else someone will need in a video download app? It’s just mind blowing app.

Where to download the official APK of Vidmate?

The bottom line: download Vidmate App APK from, because it’s safe and only downloads official Vidmate APK file.

If you search Google or Play Store, you will end up installing a fake app which could destroy your phone and your privacy.

Do not commit the mistake to download Vidmate app from Google Play Store, it does not exist there anymore. Not due to any malware, scam or dangerous app, but because Play Store does not allow such apps on Play Store which download YouTube video and save it to phone gallery.

Even YouTube official app does not save video to gallery. It neither support download option of all videos. If you save or download a video using official app, you will need to access it from the app, rather than phone storage or gallery. Moreover, these saved videos need to refresh after some days which again require internet to perform refresh. So much waste of internet data and money.

Smartphone and Tablet version

Vidmate APK works on both Tablet and smartphone. You do not need to download different APK file for a different device. Just download it once, and you can share it via Bluetooth or WiFi-Direct to your other devices. Alternatively, you can download APK file on all devices separately because the size of APK file is very small.

How to download Vidmate App for Android?

You can download Vidmate App anywhere from, but for your convenience, here is download button below. Just hit it and it will take you to the download page where you can download the official Vidmate App APK file for Android device.

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