VidMate – Download VidMate APK for Android 2021

Vidmate for iOS – Best YouTube downloader for iOS/Mac

Honestly, Vidmate app for iOS is not available, but possible. Yes, you can install Vidmate on iOS using a useful trick and Vidmate app will download, install and work on iOS devices. This method works for both iPhone, iPad as Mac OS. However, Vidmate for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is not safe anymore and outdated too. So we will only run it on MacOS (Macbook Pro, Macbook AIR, etc).

Why download Vidmate on iOS/Mac?

Apple devices usually focus on productive environment rather than entertainment. Apple offers iTunes to enjoy music and videos on iPad, iPhone and Mac, but it does not fulfil all entertainment needs of people. The unsaid truth is, iTunes also looks office like entertainment. It lacks the sense of freedom, which is an essence of multimedia platform.

Meet Vidmate, it is the best video download app of all times in the history. Don’t believe? Have a look at Vidmate features:

  • Easy to use
  • Easier to install
  • Small file size
  • Easy setup
  • Powerful download engine
  • Built-in browser
  • Pre-made categories (music, movies, games, etc).
  • Blazing fast download speed
  • HD video download resolution (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p)
  • Download YouTube video to mp3 and m4a
  • It is FREE for unlimited time with unlimited features.

This list could be longer, but these are only top features.

Is Vidmate for iOS/Mac released?

Unfortunately, Apple OS does not have Vidmate native app for MacOS and iOS, but there is a way to make this happen.

This app is actually not released for Apple OS. It neither released nor does it exist for iOS and Mac OS. But its need urged people to find a way to make this possible. And now, you can run Vidmate on Macbook without any special technical knowledge.

How Vidmate App APK will run on Mac/iOS?

As mentioned earlier, this app is not natively developed for iOS and Mac OS. It is also obvious that APK files only run on Android operating system, not Mac or iOS. But we also said you can run Vidmate on Macbook. Then how would this happen?

The answer is, Android emulators. These emulators are sort of a bridge for playing Android apps and games on Mac. Technically, we call it virtualization. Android emulator create a virtual Android device and apps do not know whether it is real or virtual machine. That’s the magic.

The best emulators to run Vidmate on Apple OS

We recommend BlueStacks for Mac, because it is most popular Android emulator for Mac. It is specially designed and optimized for best balance between quality and performance.

Alternatively, you can download Andy for Mac. It is also a nice Android emulator and works perfect on Mac OS.

How to download and install Vidmate on Macbook?

In order to play APK on Apple OS, you need to download two things:

  1. Android emulator for Mac
  2. Vidmate app APK file

First, download and install any emulator of your choice. We recommend BlueStacks. But other emulators also perform well; like Andy, etc. It’s all up to your choice.

The installation process of Android emulator is usually very simple. Just keep pressing NEXT button when required. But it is recommended to read the instructions and make changings of your choice before pressing Next button. The installation may take a while, so be patient.

Run emulator after installation is complete. Now open browser and search for Vidmate App. But make sure you download it from safe sources. There are lots of fake Vidmate APKs available on internet. If you install any of those, they could ruin your privacy. So be careful. For this purpose, we highly recommend you download Vidmate App from only.

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