VidMate – Download VidMate APK for Android 2021

Vidmate APK – Download and Install Vidmate APK

Get Vidmate APK and learn how to install it on Android device. Here you will download the official Vidmate APK file and use it to enjoy the best video download app on Android.

What is Vidmate APK?

APK file is an Android application package which is used to install app on Android powered devices. All components of the app are enclosed in the APK file (with .apk file extension).

When you install any app from Google Play Store, you will not notice any APK file during download or installation because Play Store makes this process clean and neat. The app APK is downloaded in temporary storage location because it is not generally needed by users.

However, when you download an app from their official website or third party portal, you will actually download the APK and then install it yourself. After installation, it is up to you whether you keep the file or delete it.

Now let’s talk about Vidmate APK. This app is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to download it either from Vidmate official website or from third party app store. Whichever method you use, Vidmate.APK file will download to your device storage.

You will need to execute/run the APK file of Vidmate app in order to start installation process. App installation is very easy and only requires you press Next button a few times. The install process may take some time, so wait for a while. Once finished, start the app and enjoy the best YouTube video download app on Android device.

Why download and install Vidmate APK?

You can download Vidmate APK from website. We highly recommend it for your safety and privacy protection.

If you search internet, you will see lots of websites offering this app download. But all of them are not safe. Though some websites are pretty neat and provide the original Vidmate APK file, not all are safe to try.

If unfortunately, you download fake APK, it can destroy your device operating system or compromise your privacy. Therefore, do not play with risky experiments and stay safe with website.

Important note: Vidmate app is not available on Play Store.

How to install APK on Android?

You do not need to do something special for installing Vidmate APK file on Android. Just download the APK file and open it. The installer will launch without any issue or delay. This is because APK is default executable extension of Android app package.

Let’s learn how to install APK of Vidmate app:

  1. Download Vidmate APK from website.
  2. Run the Vidmate.APK (or similar name with version number) file.
  3. Have a look at permission required by the app and press NEXT button.
  4. Proceed with installation and wait while package installation is finished.
  5. Go to apps list and run Vidmate app.

Update Vidmate using APK file

If you already have an old version of Vidmate installed and want to upgrade, you can download the latest APK and run it. The new version will replace the previous version. However, you will have to go through installation process in order to update Vidmate app using APK file.

Follow these steps to upgrade to latest version:

  1. Download latest version of Vidmate APK from website.
  2. Run the downloaded file.
  3. The installer will show New Permissions of the new version. Usually no new permission is required by the app, but if it does, be careful before you allow installation.
  4. Proceed with installation/ upgrade.
  5. Run the app and enjoy new features of latest version.

How to share Vidmate app APK?

Sharing is easy, just select the APK file and share through Bluetooth, WiFi-Direct, ShareIt, Zapya, Xender, etc. Some phone do not allow direct sharing of these files, but in rare cases.

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