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Download Vidmate App Latest Version APK for Android

Today, we will free download Vidmate app latest version APK for Android. Vidmate HD video downloader is actually free from any price tag yet features are unlimited.

Though internet has evolved from 2G to 3G and now fast forwarding towards 5G, offline world is still fantastic. In spite of cheap data packages, we still prefer apps and videos that could play without internet.

There could be unlimited reasons, but one of the major reason is availability of internet is not spread everywhere. Moreover, the speed and stability varies time to time in 24 hours of a day.

Besides this, mobile data or WiFi drain battery more quickly than any other application. So, why waste money and power for watching a video when we can watch it offline? That’s where Vidmate comes helpful.

Vidmate App Introduction

Ask a few friends about the best app to download YouTube videos on Android. Most probably, majority of people will recommend Vidmate app. This shows the popularity of this video downloader hero.

Here, I would like to share my own story. A few months back, I literally used to hate Vidmate. Not because of its features or errors. In fact, I had never tried Vidmate before. It was probably due to the popularity of this video downloader among kids and amateur people.

I strongly believed (actually prejudiced, I think) those people do not know anything better than me. I somehow found SnapTube app, an alternative of Vidmate for Android. I was happy with that unless it crashed badly and I had to download and install Vidmate HD video downloader app (reluctantly).

The app installed pretty fast and launched in a few moments. The interface and download speed was quite fast than I could imagined ever. I was totally surprised. This app was mind blowing.

Features of Vidmate APK

We will only mention a few features here. You can have a look at our detailed post on Vidmate features.

Fine tailored UI

The user interface of this app is just awesome. It has the magical power to impress you on first sight. However, you might need to configure the content location in settings. This will make sure show home page videos according to your country and location.

Blazing fast download speed

Vidmate sucks every single bit of bandwidth to ensure fastest video download speed for movies and online videos. If you have a considerable fast internet connection, you duration between you click the download button and download complete notification will surprise you.

Save YouTube video to gallery

Unlike YouTube official app, Vidmate saves video to device storage or SD card and it instantly shows up in gallery. If you have used official app of YouTube and its video download feature, you might have noticed that the downloaded video does not appear in gallery.

You have to open YouTube app whenever you want to watch saved video. Not only this, but the official app will refresh the video after a few days (a month, usually). It means waste of mobile data and hence, waste of precious money on the same thing again and again. That’s certainly seems useless.

But Vidmate app gives the real freedom in your hands. No need to open app in order to play videos. You can watch videos from gallery or file manager; or even from your favorite media player (MX player etc).

Once you download a video using Vidmate app, it is totally yours. No refresh, no repeated downloads. You can watch the video offline, keep it and share with friends as many times as you like.

Best websites to download Vidmate app latest version

Yes, you guessed it right. We highly recommend for downloading the latest version of Vidmate APK for Android. You can see the download buttons on top and bottom of this page. It will take you to the official Vidmate app download page where the APK will download automatically.

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