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Vidmate Alternatives for Video Download on Android

Vidmate Alternative Apps for Android and PC

There are many Vidmate alternatives (Video Download Apps) but Vidmate is best YouTube video download app for Android.

Vidmate is the real king of its empire. But it is not the only champion here. There are some serious rivals which are almost next alternatives for download videos from YouTube and other video sites.

What is actually the best YouTube video download app for Android?

If you think Vidmate is the best app for Android to download video and music in HD quality then you are absolutely right! But do not forget alternatives are doing well as well. A few of them offer even better features than Vidmate.

Every app has its benefits and flaws, advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you find an app useful because of particular feature or set of features. However, it varies from user to user and their preferences.

Performance and quality are two core features of a software. The balance between these two can make an app useful or just a waste. Public demand however, matters much more than design, quality, price or anything else. If an app meets public demands and fulfills their needs quite well, people can ignore other flaws, unless unbearable.

Then why choose Vidmate? Especially when other video downloaders for Android offer better features.

Alternatives to Vidmate app (Android)

When we talk about alternative YouTube download apps or software, it includes a broad list. It ranges from apps to online video download apps and services.

It also includes desktop software, which are also known as YouTube downloader software for PC.

Here is a list of best alternatives to Vidmate app for Android:

  1. VidMate
  2. TubeMate
  3. SnapTube
  4. Videoder
  5. KeepVid
  6. InsTube
  7. YT3 Youtube Downloader
  8. NewPipeiTubeAndroid
  9. TubeGeter
  10. KL Youtube
  11. OG YouTube

Vidmate Alternatives for PC (Windows)

Here is a list of best alternatives to Vidmate app for PC (Windows/Desktop):

  1. Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  2. 4K Video Downloader
  3. YTD (YouTube Downloader)
  4. Airy for Windows
  5. YouTubeNow Tool
  6. FreeMake for Windows
  7. 4K Video Downloader for Windows
  8. TubeMate for Windows
  9. YTD for Windows
  10. iTube Studio for PC
  11. AllMyTube

These lists could be very long but we have picked just best competitors to Vidmate app. These are the close rivals apps for downloading videos and music on mobile devices.

It is obvious that each of these apps has its own unique features which actually makes the difference. Rather than focusing on unnecessary features, core features are given more weight while ranking these video download app for Android OS.

Lets have a look at some of these video downloader apps.


SnapTube is the best alternative to Vidmate app on Android. These both apps look alike. Both have same features, same user interface and same performance. In fact, SnapTube and Vidmate feel replica of each other.

However SnapTube has a paid premium / VIP version for accessing all features. That’s why it could not get much popularity as compared to Vidmate, which is absolutely free.


Videoder is another tight competitor to Vidmate app. Though it is not as much powerful, it has some exciting features that are missing in Vidmate app.

Videoder allows you download complete YouTube playlist easily. You can make a selection of videos from playlist or uploaded sequence and start downloading your favorite videos.

The download speed and technology of Videoder is not so efficient. It first downloads then decodes and merges, blah blah and so makes downloading embarrassing to some extent. However its features will make you download and install Videoder along with Vidmate app.


OGYouTube is another widely used Android app to download YouTube videos. It is actually a modified version of original YouTube official app.

OGYouTube app has a download button below videos. It looks similar to YouTube official app download option, but rather than downloading videos inside the app, OGYouTube lets you download and save YouTube videos to Gallery in your phone.

This app is not stable sometimes. The video resolution support may vary and some of formats are not available (like 360p is mostly unavailable). Anyhow, OGYouTube is also a decent alternative to Vidmate app for downloading YouTube videos in HD resolution.

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