VidMate – Download VidMate APK for Android 2021

Auto Update

Auto update Vidmate without leaving the app environment

You do not need to go to any store or website to see if there is a new version available for download. Whenever a version update is released, the app will prompt you to update when you launch app.

Just like other Android apps, Vidmate is really easy to install and update. No matter you install it from APK file or choose to upgrade, the installer will only require you hit Next button a few times.

New Permissions

Be careful while you install Vidmate APK or update it. Don’t overlook “New Permissions” page because this video downloader app rarely need any new permission. If you find the app asking for additional permissions, check twice whether you are installing Vidmate from official website. APK Bull only supports the original and official website for Vidmate APK download.

App Permissions

App permissions include:

  • Modify system settings and appear on top of other apps.
  • Detect accounts saved on the device.
  • Access GPS and network based approximate location.
  • Modify, create or delete contents on device and USB storage.
  • Access phone status and device identity.

Better focus in night and easy on eyes.

Night mode is one of most demanded feature of Vidmate. Turn app environment to night friendly dark theme with just a tap of your fingertip.

You can adjust brightness to match evening, nigh or any darkness level.

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