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Vidmate App Features (Updated APK)

Vidmate app is just an awesome video download tool with amazing features. Some alternatives to Vidmate are also doing great job but Vidmate app is the best YouTube download app for Android.

This app is so powerful and irresistible that Google found no way to stop its storming popularity. Google tried to banish this app and banned Vidmate from Play Store for Android. But it din’t seemed to stop the way of this best YouTube video download app.

Vidmate official app is the major source to download this app. But there are so many scam websites that label their virus infected apps something like Vidmate app or similar. When people search on internet browser and reach such websites, they download that app which is not the original Vidmate APK app file. This is not the right approach, and dangerous too. offers you the genuine Vidmate APK app file, straight from the official sources. So you do not need to worry about any virus, malware, etc when you download Vidmate app from APKBull platform.

Features of Vidmate App

Video formats

MP4 has captured the video format crown and now most of video content is available in mp4 format. It is no more a mobile only video format, now supports desktop and TV by offering 4k, 8k and future updates.

HD and 4k Video download

Vidmate app allows you download YouTube video in all available formats including 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k and more.

MP3 and M4A Audio download

Interested in music only? You can download YouTube to mp3/m4a audio with Vidmate app APK file.

Built-in Music player

Built-in music and video player makes sure to fulfill all your media needs at one place.

Subtitles and Lyrics

So you watched a music or movie and liked it so much that you finally decided to download video using Vidmate video downloader app. But now you need subtitles to experience best of that video/music. Luckily, there is a feature available in this app which allows you search for subtitles online.

Add/Remove Video sites

Once you download a video but the resolution does not please you. You can download the same video again in a different resolution like 720p, 1080p, etc.

Fastest YouTube Video download app

Vidmate is the best and fastest YouTube video download app for Android. Don’t believe? Try it yourself to believe the blazing speed and stability of this video download app.

Share Vidmate app APK file

You can share Vidmate app APK file using Bluetooth, WiFi direct or any file sharing app. You can access this sharing feature from setting menu.

Country based trending videos

This intelligent engine shows you trending content according to your selected location. See what’s trending in your country or geographical area.

Grab copied URL from clipboard

Play your favorite video on YouTube official app and press share button. Then select Vidmate app from the sharing options list. This will take you to the Vidmate app and you just need to tap the download arrow icon to start downloading.

Save WhatsApp Status

Grab WhatsApp status of anybody in your contacts. This is very simple. First watch the status so that status could download to your device memory. Now open Vidmate app and tap on WhatsApp. All your status will show here.

You can download status permanently to your device storage or set as your status directly.

Auto update to latest version

The app updater will automatically check if a new version is available. A popup will appear and inform you to download the latest update of Vidmate app APK and upgrade automatically.

Night Mode with brightness adjustment

Night mode is health care feature of this app. It does not only allow to set and toggle night mode but also adjust brightness level using slider.

Download Vidmate App APK latest version Now!

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