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Vidmate Settings (Vidmate APK App)

Vidmate App Settings

You must know about Vidmate Settings if you want to master Vidmate app. The more you learn about settings and configuration, the better you understand this video download app.

You are not supposed to learn every single setting. Just learn a few important configurations which are most common in any YouTube video download app for Android.

Vidmate Settings Overview

Vidmate app settings can be divided in following sections:

  • Content Settings
  • Download Settings
  • Other Settings

These are main categories of app settings. Each of above section consists of numerous configurations which help you fine tune Vidmate app on your device.

Vidmate Content Settings

Language of Vidmate

Change the app language according to your country or region. You can choose from dozens of available languages. Most of popular language packs are already available so that you can enjoy the app in your native language.


First time you load the app you might surprise to see the suggested videos. Most probably, the default suggested content would not be for your country or area. But you can change the first page videos according to your favorite country. Just select your country in the location list and reopen Vidmate app,

Restricted Mode

Internet is full of all type of content and videos. Some videos are not suitable for certain age groups and should not appear in their search results or suggestion list. Though, there is no 100% success guarantee, more than 70% times you will see the desired results. And that is much better than no control at all. Moreover, this technology is likely to improve with improvement in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

Vidmate Download Settings

Download Path Settings

Choose where your downloaded files should save. Internal memory is the default location. However, you can save YouTube videos to SD card using Vidmate, but it has an issue. If you select SD card as download path, all videos will erase if you uninstall Vidmate app from your Android device.

Download Only on WiFi

Enabling this setting will ensure that the videos will only download over WiFi. So, you can enjoy everyday social media and other tasks using Mobile Data without worrying about heavy bandwidth loss on video downloads.

Max Download Tasks

This setting allows you choose the maximum simultaneous video download tasks. You can select download task count ranging from 1 to 6 from options. But remember, more tasks will increase the risk of failure while less tasks ensure more stability. The default is 2, and this is the safest option.

Fast Download Option

Vidmate can boost video download speed by optimizing fast download options. All you need to do is select simultaneous download connections from the options. There are separate options for WiFi and Mobile Data (4G/3G/2G). The default value is 4 for WiFi and 2 for mobile data.

Please note that increasing simultaneous connections will only affect small change in download speed, most of times. Therefore, do not expect dramatic download speed boost after changing this setting. On the other hand, selecting too high value might have a negative impact and download speed may reduce instead of increasing.

Auto Resume Downloading

Enabling this option will auto resume the download task. If you were downloading videos and suddenly you lost internet connection either due to data usage limit on mobile data or WiFi was no more available in range, then this feature will help you. The video download processes will resume right where they stopped. So you don’t need to resume failed downloads manually (unless it’s too late).

Download Subtitle

Imagine, you are listening to random music on Vidmate media player and a song impressed you. But you can not understand the lyrics of that song. The same is for movies, you like movie but can not get the words spoken in the film. Well, this is not a problem anymore as long as you have Vidmate app installed on your Android phone.

Just select the language you want for subtitles and the app will try to search for subtitles, if available.

Download Music Quality

This is music quality for mp3 and m4a audio files. You may have noticed that mp3 and m4a do not have audio quality choice on download screen, unlike video formats which show 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc. So, the mystery ends here. Just select the music download quality from following three options:

  1. High
  2. Medium
  3. Low

Your choice will save and will apply next time your download mp3 or m4a audio from YouTube etc.

Copied Link Detection

This will show download button and notification after detecting a downloadable link from clipboard. Vidmate is smart enough to detect the video link suddenly and offer you to download the video right on the spot.This is another interesting feature of this video download app which identifies the copied link. If the copied link belongs to a video, an arrow icon will jump on right bottom of screen. Tap on that arrow icon to start downloading the video from copied link. You can turn it off if you want so.

Show hidden files

If you enable this option, the app will show hidden files and folders starting with “.” (dot).

Download complete notification

A notification will show when a download task is complete, telling you the video has downloaded successfully and saved in gallery. You can turn task finished notification on or off using this option.

Delete APK file after installation

Vidmate often checks if a new version available when you start this app. An update popup appears asking you download the latest version of Vidmate app. When you tap Yes or Update button, the most recent version starts download Vidmate APK file and automatically launches installer. You just need to proceed installation. Once Vidmate install process is finished, the app will launch automatically. However, the downloaded APK file is now useless because you will no longer need it (mostly). So, this option, if enabled, ensures to delete the APK file after installation is successful.

Vidmate Other Settings

Allow Notifications

Allow app notifications and recommended videos in notification popup. We recommend you turn off this option because it is disturbing most of times. Usually it recommends age restricted type of content which is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, turn notifications off and have a peace of mind.

Online Video Quality

Choose online video resolution. Currently, there are three available resolutions for online video playback:

  1. High-720p
  2. Medium-360p
  3. Low-144p

The good thing about this feature is that this app remembers your selected resolution. It helps you save bandwidth and cut data usage costs. Unlike YouTube official app, Vidmate does not forget the chosen video resolution.

Play Videos with

Select the media player you want to use for playing videos. You can either choose internal player or other player (such as mxplayer) for playing videos.

Play local video with VDM Player

VDM Player is actually Vidmate Media Player, which is built-in video player of this app. If you enable this option, the VDM Player will be set as default media player for your Android media files. We recommend not to enable this option if you already have MX Player or any decent media player installed in your device.

Auto Play Videos

Enabling this option will play videos automatically on the detail page.

Night Mode

Turn Night mode ON or OFF according to your surroundings. Night mode feature turns dark theme on. It saves your eyes and brain and feels relaxed.

Adjust Brightness

Adjust brightness level according to your environment. A slider helps you fine tune brightness level effectively. Moreover, adjust day/night mode brightness level helps better adjust light that suits you best.

Reset Private Password

Vidmate allows password protect your secret videos. If for any reason, you want to remove the private video password, use this reset private password option.

Clear Cache

Clear Vidmate cache to remove cached video and other content. Cache clearing helps clean up some extra storage space and refresh the app content.

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