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Vidmate Help & Support (Vidmate App APK)

Vidmate Help and Support

Finally, this is Vidmate Help & Support page for troubleshooting most common problems with this app. This is different from Vidmate Tutorials page because it only addresses kind of technical issues, rather than teaching useful tips and tricks.

Therefore, if you want to have a tight grip over this video download app, this guide will help you. After learning about these issues and their solution, you will not only solve your app problems yourself, but also help others too. Sounds like Vidmate Guru title.

Vidmate Help

Vidmate issues can be categorized in following sections.

  • Hot Questions
  • Downloads
  • Search
  • Player
  • Sites
  • Contents
  • ADs
  • Other

Each section consists of specific set of issues. Read your desired Vidmate help section in order to find the problem and solution you are facing. If you can not find your particular issue or answer, drop your question or issue in comment box, we will glad to solve your issue.

All Questions

Why Android warns for Vidmate as a dangerous app?

You will be using an old version of Vidmate. Please download the latest version of Vidmate app APK here.

While browsing YouTube, invalid response error appears. Why?

Your current version of Vidmate is out of date. This error is fixed in the latest version.

Audio downloads separately and then merges. Why so?

This happened due to YouTube policy change. However, this problem got fixed in latest version. Please update the app.

Why Vidmate is blocked from installation or update?

Unfortunately, some old versions are now suspected by anti malware software as harmful, blocked or fake application. This is due to misdiagnosis and technology difference. Otherwise, Vidmate never compromises on user privacy and security.

In order to resolve this problem, first uninstall Vidmate and then go to following settings:

Phone Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect > Shut down “Scan device for security threats

Now reinstall Vidmate app and scan your device for threats once again.. The problem should be fixed.

Why I can’t download videos to SD card?

First, make sure you have inserted SD card properly and it is working normally. If everything is okay, then try following solutions:

  • Make sure you have changed the download path in app settings.
  • Memory card has sufficient free space.
  • Remove memory card and insert again.
  • Make sure you are using Vidmate version 3.6603 or later.
  • Check app permissions.
  • Reinstall Vidmate app using APK file.

Why YouTube videos do not play in full screen mode?

YouTube often changes its system. Due to some certain changes, the full screen could not load. But it got fixed. Clear cache from settings and try again.

Why I can’t download Facebook and Instagram videos?

  • First test if Facebook or Instagram are properly loading using their official app or web browser.
  • Clear cache in settings and reopen the app.
  • Try to copy URL and paste in Vidmate, if possible.

How to remove download task complete notification?

Go to Settings > Download Settings > and disable Download complete notification option.

How to enable restricted mode?

Go to Settings > Content Settings > and enable Restricted Mode option.

How to stop JavaScript error dialog when I click download button?

This version got fixed in Vidmate version 3.5301, update app and issue will be resolved.

Download failed. How to fix this issue?

Make sure internet connection is working properly for browser and other apps.

Why download speed is very slow?

First, check if other apps are working properly or use speed test app in order to test internet speed.

Other possible reasons could be:

  • Unstable network
  • Source file not available
  • Low device storage (internal or SD card)

If you are sure none of above problem exists, then try following solutions:

  • Go to settings and clear cache.
  • Restart download task.
  • Delete current task and try to download video again.
  • Upgrade to latest version.
  • Restart your device.

Download stops at 99%?

It generally happens when you download mp3 audio, 480p or 1080p resolution video quality. These video resolutions actually need a Vidmate plugin in order to successfully download video.

You do not need to download this plugin manually because app will automatically download it for the first time when needed. If app is asking you to download the plugin first, then let it download and install.

If download fail at 99% issue is not fixed, then delete cache in app settings and reopen the Vidmate app.

Moreover, check whether there is sufficient free space in your internal storage or SD card (whichever Vidmate is using to save videos).

Why I can’t download any video using Vidmate app?

This may happen due to any of following reasons:

  • Unstable network
  • Source file not available
  • Low device storage (internal or SD card)
  • Website not supported by Vidmate app

Search is not working. What is the problem?

Search problem usually causes due to slow or unstable network speed. To check the speed issue, open YouTube official app or open YouTube in web browser (Chrome, UC Browser, etc) and search anything. If search is working smooth in these apps but not working in Vidmate, then try following solutions:

  • Go to app settings and clear cache.
  • Upgrade to Vidmate latest version.
  • Try some other network connection.
  • Reboot your phone/device.
  • Reinstall the app, if possible.

How to add more sites?

If you want your favorite site listed in Vidmate supported sites list, follow these steps:

  1. Open Vidmate app and click on more sites icon.
  2. Scroll to the end of page and press Want more sites? Tell us> button.
  3. Enter site name and URL, then press submit button.
  4. Your request will be sent to Vidmate team. Wait and see.

Website is not opening in Vidmate. What is the problem?

First, open that specific website in some other web browser. If it does not load, then there should be a problem from website server side, you have nothing to do with that. However, if that website is loading on another device then try following methods to solve this issue:

  • Clear Vidmate app cache
  • Restart device
  • Try to connect your device to any other internet connection (WiFi or data) and see if website loads.

Meanwhile, if some particular website is not loading while other websites are loading properly, then again, there could be a server side problem, for example:

  • Website removed or expired
  • Server not responding
  • Bandwidth limit exceeded
  • Database error
  • Site is under maintenance

Wait for a while and try again. Otherwise, try some alternative website instead of waiting and watching.

How to upload my videos on Vidmate?

Vidmate currently does not support uploading video feature. Try YouTube or other official apps to upload videos on that specific website. Then you can watch, download and share that video using Vidmate app.

Need Vidmate Help?

If your issue is not fixed using these methods or not listed at all, then drop your question in the comments box below. We will glad to solve your issue and make you happy.

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