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Vidmate FAQs (Vidmate APK for Android)

Vidmate FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Vidmate FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are the most common questions which are asked repeatedly. So rather than asking or answering such common queries again and again, we have made a collection of them in order to save your time and efforts. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.

Vidmate FAQs

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is the best YouTube video download app for Android devices. It is compact in size but has very powerful download engine.

What Vidmate can do?

YouTube video download is its major function. Besides this, it is a kind of multimedia suite for enjoying your favorite video and music. Once you download video, it will save in gallery. Then you can play and watch video without internet.

Is it harmful?

How a harmful app can attain this level of popularity? There is nothing harmful about this app. All rumors are spread by folks who do not understand what makes an app harmful or useful.

If Vidmate is safe, then why Google removed it from Play Store?

There are dozens of useful apps which are not allowed on Google Play Store only because those apps not meet all required guidelines. Google/YouTube does not allow any app to download YouTube videos to file storage. Though YouTube official app has download option, the downloaded videos are not available outside of YouTube official app. While Vidmate downloads and saves video in gallery. That’s why this app is not acceptable in Play Store.

Is this app the best YouTube video download app for Android?

It depends, actually. If you are looking for a powerful yet simple to use YouTube HD video download app for Android, then Vidmate is the best video download app for you.

Is Vidmate better than SnapTube?

Vidmate is way better than SnapTube free version. However, VIP/premium version has more features, yet not better than Vidmate.

How can I make money from Vidmate app?

Vidmate is not a money making app for users. Only developers of this app can make money and you make them make money. In fact, there are millions of users who use this app and become the source of money making for the app developers.

What could be the best alternative to Vidmate app for Android?

Honestly, there is only one app which is the true alternative to Vidmate. That is SnapTube. But it has limited features in the free version. If you want to enjoy full features, you have need to buy premium version. While all those features are totally free in Vidmate. Moreover, SnapTube is a replicate of Vidmate, or vice versa.

Is Vidmate based on UC Browser?

There is no official disclosure about this fact, but the interface looks like UC Browser. However, the browser video player uses flash player instead of HTML5 player.

I have heard a lot of times that Vidmate collects personal data and sells it. Is that true?

According to actual developers, Vidmate is purely user friendly app which only makes money from tiny ad banner at the bottom of the app. But honestly, there is no perfect gauge to measure the honesty of words and self written statements.

Facebook also collects data and do whatever they want to do because you give them consent when you sign up.

There are tons of apps which collect user data for their advantage. Vidmate is connected to Alibaba group which is a huge online shopping store. There is a lot of discussion and criticism about Vidmate data collection but no solid proof. So it is all up to you whether you take gossips serious or believe solid proof.

I saw Vidmate on Google Play Store but with a small difference in name. Should I download and install that app from Play Store?

Vidmate is not available on Google Play Store. No, no and no. Mind it, please! If you see Paris tower in London, that would be fake. If you see Taj Mehal in Berlin, that would be fake. If you see Minar-e-Pakistan in Tokyo, that would be fake. And if you see Vidmate in Play Store, that would definitely be fake. Do not install that app because Play Store does not allow any YouTube download app. Neither on Chrome store nor on Play Store.

Should I remove Vidmate from my Android phone?

It’s all up to you. If you do not like to waste your data instead of downloading YouTube videos in your phone gallery or internal storage, then remove it.

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