7 Best and Secure WhatsApp Alternatives

It is said that the mold does not ignite. But dude, when our own deeds are bad, we do not want anyone to know. However, true privacy is also a cause and it is a right of all of us.

Ever since WhatsApp mentioned access and use of data in its new privacy policy, there has been an uproar everywhere.

Let’s say that everyone has their own worries so that the pool of his deeds may not be opened in front of everyone. So, dude, I would like to inform you that Android Phone is already tracking all your activities. If you can’t believe it, let me tell you that there are many apps, including Google, that access your camera, microphone, etc., so they can tell or show you whenever they want to spy or watch a spectacle using your mobile camera. And can hear sounds on the microphone.

If you still can’t believe it, put your Android mobile in front of you and talk to someone about a food and drink recipe for a while, then open YouTube and scroll, it is very likely that you will find a recipe for the same thing on YouTube. Recommended automatically. If so, instead of being happy, think about what privacy you are living in.

As for WhatsApp privacy and sharing your data with Facebook, the Facebook app does this easily. WhatsApp has just told you that they will share the data of these two apps with each other. They can share whatever they want without telling you, because WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook.

By the way, one thing to think about is that if we don’t do anything wrong and use the phone only for convenience and communication, then why are we so nervous about privacy? Obviously, we do not want our so-called nobility to be tarnished.

Whatever it is, just forget about privacy now that you continue to enjoy Android phones and other companies including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp at our own expense. They are not our slaves nor are they running a charitable campaign to provide such an expensive service to the world for free. We should also think about why someone gives free fun and that too all the time?

Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

So it turns out that the privacy you dream of is nowhere to be found. But still, let me tell you the alternative apps of WhatsApp which are being offered by big and reliable companies. Smaller and newer apps are not being added because they are way more dangerous than WhatsApp.

1. Telegram

Telegram is the true alternative to WhatsApp. Most of the features in WhatsApp have been copied from Telegram. The governments of several countries had banned Telegram in the past because Telegram does not leak data for the governments. Yes, you read it right, Telegram is too secure that it even does not entertain the governments of any country. Therefore, people love this app from the core of their hearts.

2. imo

Imo is the wounded-lion which lost its popularity right after WhatsApp launched video call feature. Imo reacts crazy sometimes but it is still one of the best WhatsApp alternative for video calling.

3. Google Duo

Google has been struggling for years to convince Android users for using Google Duo as an alternative WhatsApp. I think it’s time to give a chance to Google Duo as well.

4. Skype

Skype is the old love of many people who had ever used Skype on computers for calling their relatives and friends living abroad or far from them. It had been a very popular app for high-quality voice and video calls. Then Microsoft acquired Skype and ruined everything, but did not compromise the privacy and security of Skype. You can use Skype confidently as a solid secure WhatsApp alternative app for HD video and voice calls.

5. Signal

The signal is rapidly getting popular as a secure alternative to WhatsApp messenger. This app has no ads, no trackers, and claims to not sell user’s data at any cost. The signal is available for Android, iPhone, and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, etc.

6. Element

Another worth trying app that claims to safeguard your data using end to end encryption. Element is also available for mobile and desktop operating systems.

7. Viber

Oh, Viber! It was a very popular messaging app just before WhatsApp got popularity. In fact, people used to like Viber more than WhatsApp. Anyways, Viber is still an excellent app that can be used instead of WhatsApp messenger.

We have missed out on Threema and Wire app because those apps will ask you for money, paid alternatives, which nobody likes.

These are some of the best WhatsApp alternatives that may or may not compromise your data and privacy. But, believe me, there is no guarantee of privacy, just be careful and don’t share anything online that you don’t want anyone else to see.

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